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Chef Ana Roš and her team have prepared a new menu. A menu that tells a story of love, passion and determination.

March 2024

photo by Suzan Gabrijan

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Hiša Franko entered the new season, for the first time with three red and one green Michelin star. The winter break gave new and fresh inspiration to chef Ana and her team, and they used the time of closure also to refresh the style of the restaurant, enhancing even more its character that gives that feeling of home and offers plenty of space for art. Don't worry, the characteristic red colored walls remain the same and continue to tell the story of love, passion and determination. This year's menu, called 50 shades of red, is also dedicated to this.

"Frida Kahlo once said: I was never painting my dreams. I was only painting my reality.
Frida Khalo fifty years ago was a painter.
Ana Roš today  is a chef.
50 shades of life continue with 50 shades of red.
Red is love, passion and determination.
Passion for cooking, creating drinks and passion for hosting.
Passion for Art.
Hiša Franko ‘s colour is different shades of red. There are a lot of beautiful artworks hanging on its walls."

                                                                                                                                                                               Ana Roš

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