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What kind of meals do you offer?

In the restaurant, we are offering one tasting menu. There is no à la carte choice.
Depending on the seating we are offering:
Dinner (from Wednesdays to Sundays)
Lunch (13, 14, 20, 21, 27 and 28 April, in May till November from Wednesday till Sunday)

Each service usually takes cca. 3 hours. The tasting menu prepared by chef Ana Roš and her team will take you on an extraordinary and elaborate journey where the local ingredients according to each season, the terroir of the Soča Valley, and, especially, the chef's personality, playfulness and experiences, incl. travelling, are combined together. Once you will be in Hiša Franko, we kindly invite you to let yourself go and let us guide you throughout the whole journey.

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What happens if we are late for dinner or lunch?

We kindly ask you to come for dinner or lunch at the agreed time. In case you are late by half an hour or more, we will be obliged to shorten your menu, charging the same price.

I have a food allergy/restriction. Can you accommodate my needs?

If you have any allergies, intolerances or food restrictions, please advise us at least 1 week prior to your arrival. Please also note we can modify the current menu to suit the following types of allergies and restrictions:

without gluten*
without nuts (tree nuts, soybeans, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, etc.)*
without shellfish (mussels, oysters, crabs, prawns, squids, sea urchins, etc.)*
without fish and/or shellfish but it contains meat and its by-products*
for pescetarians (containing fish, shellfish, dairy products, eggs, etc., but it doesn't include meat)*
for vegetarians (containing eggs, dairy products, etc., but it doesn't include meat, fish and shellfish)*
for pregnant women*
*Can be found in traces.

In case you would like us to adjust your menu to multiple restrictions or to restrictions that are not listed above, please contact us as soon as possible at host@hisafranko.com.

As our chef Ana Roš explains the food philosophy of Hiša Franko: “We are a countryside restaurant. We are trying our best to make our guests understand and appreciate our cuisine. Hiša Franko's cuisine, which draws inspiration from the traditional cuisine of the Soča Valley, combines meat (all parts of the animal), fish (all parts of the animal), a lot of dairy products, eggs, fruits and vegetables. All products are locally sourced based on each season, some of them are from our own garden. Whenever you give us your list of dietary/allergic restrictions or food preferences, you make our work more difficult and you limit your dining pleasures. So even though we will offer you the long menu, we cannot guarantee the same firework of tastes and power of flavours as we do in the original menu. If the changes are not really needed, we advice you to let us cook the way we can really express Hiša Franko's food philosophy and its original flavours.”

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Can we bring our children?

Hiša Franko (both rooms and restaurant) is adult only. We are welcoming only guests older than 12 years. In the restaurant, the tasting menu is an elaborate trip that gives you the chance to experience the terroir of the Soča Valley combined with local ingredients according to each season and, especially, the chef's personality, playfulness and experiences. We kindly invite all guests at the table to take the entire tasting menu. 

Are pets allowed in Hiša Franko?

Your pets are welcome in Hiša Franko. We ask the owners to keep the dogs close to them and keep them quiet in order not to disturb other guests. We may provide water bowls for dogs. Please be informed there are our own dog Princ and cat Berta around the house as well.

We ask the owners to have your dogs on leash, no matter if they are inside or outside.

Surchage for the pet in the room is 30€ (We kindly ask to inform our reception about your pet company before your arrival)

Does the restaurant have a parking space?

There is a big parking space in front of the house where you can park your car free of charge.

What type of credit cards do you accept?

We accept all credit/debit cards except American Express.

Do you issue gift vouchers?

Unfortunately we do not issue gift vouchers at Hiša Franko.

Can I smoke in the restaurant?

Smoking is not allowed in the indoor areas of Hiša Franko, incl. dining areas and sleeping areas.

How many guests can you accommodate?

In Hiša Franko, there are 2 dining areas that can accommodate up to max. 46 people with tables for 1 to maximum 6 people (upon availability). Your table may be located either in one or the other dining area. If you have any special wishes regarding the location of your table, please let us know when making the reservation.

We also have a special room for bigger tables (7–12 people) where you can enjoy the meal in the comfort of a private area. In case you are a group bigger than 12 people, we can prepare for your group smaller different tables (upon availability).

Do you offer wine pairings?

Yes. This season 2024 we have decided to go with three pairings – two of them are going to be alcoholic and the third one consists of non-alcoholic beverages. 

One option is our 'Classy' wine pairing representing a more classical taste of the wine world. The wines will be more balanced, more elegant, we can call them 'comfortable'. Most of the chosen wines are following us on a journey through Slovenian wine regions and indigenous grape varieties, but we may cross the borders as well. Hiša Franko always believes in sustainable winemaking and we are not contradicting ourselves here, simply we have found some examples that are matching this style and working so perfectly with our dishes as well.

The other option is our 'Funky' pairing. It represents Hiša Franko with the strength and knowledge of the whole beverage team. It will contain the most interesting artisan producers, as well as wild and brave biodynamic and natural wines. If you like to experiment out of your comfort zone! Expect a cocktail at some point during your experience!

Both of these pairing will cost 170€.

We haven’t forgotten our guests who crave non-alcoholic beverages during their dining experience. Our 'Juicy' pairing is 120€ and contains a combination of freshly squeezed juices and vegetables grown on farms located in Soca Valley, foraged ingredients picked by our forager Miha and kombuchas and lacto fermented tonics made strictly in the house by our fermentation team.

If you would like to choose your own bottles of wine, you can find our Wine list on our website as well. Looking forward to having you and if you have any questions regarding our beverage options, please! We encourage you to ask them! Always!

Do you have a dress code?

Our dress code is casual elegant. We kindly invite our guests not to wear sport attire, flip flops, etc.

How to reach Hiša Franko?

  • Via car: From Italy via San Pietro al Natisone, from Austria via Wurzen & Vršič Passes or Goggau & Predil Passes, from Ljubljana via Nova Gorica or Idrija.
  • Via railway: The nearest train stations, cca. 25 km away, are Most na Soči (Slovenia) and/or Cividale del Friuli (Italy).
  • Via bus: There’s a bus station in Kobarid (cca. 3 km away).
  • Via taxi: There’s a taxi service on demand in the entire Soča Valley.
  • Via air: The nearest airports are Ljubljana Airport-Brnik (cca. 103 km away), Marco Polo Airport-Venice (cca. 160 km away) and Airport of Trieste/Friuli Venezia Giulia-Ronchi dei Legionari (cca. 60 km away).


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Do I need a reservation?

If you would like to take a culinary journey in Hiša Franko, you will need a reservation before your arrival. A reservation in the restaurant does not automatically mean that you have a reservation for the room.

All the reservations need to be made via our online reservation system or by writing us at info@hisafranko.com. You are welcome to check availability or ask us any questions on the phone in case of last-minute enquiries.

The reservation is confirmed only when you receive an email confirming your reservation. A valid bank/credit/debit card is needed as a guarantee to confirm a reservation, we do not charge beforehand. 15 days before your arrival you will receive on your e-mail address an automatic reminder for the reservation you have made.

What is your cancellation policy?

  • Cancellation 4 (or more) days before arrival: free of charge
  • Cancellation 1-3 days before arrival or no show: 100% of the tasting menu per person booked (€325)

When are your opening and closing hours?

Opening hours – Restaurant:

Monday, Tuesday: closed
Wednesday–Sunday: 12.00–16.00 (last reservation at 13.00) and 19.00–23.00 (last reservation at 20.00) 

Opening hours shop:

Monday and Tuesday: closed
Wednesday–Sunday: 11.00–19.00 

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