Praznovanje 120 let San Pellegrina 11. julija v Bukarešti, Romunija

4 ročna večerja s chefoma Ano Roš in Alexom Petriceanom v restavraciji NOUA v Bukarešti

julij 2019

Ana Roš & Alex Petricean

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Alex Petricean leading the New Romanian Cuisine movement
Alex Petricean studied Economics and tested his skills in Advertising, before taking a leap of faith and joining the Romanian MasterChef Contest. After reaching the finals without any previous experience in the kitchen, he decided this is what he is going to do for the rest of his life. A definitive change of career and the beginning of an inspiring gastronomic journey.
For more than 3 years, he travelled across 3 continents working in worldwide known kitchens. He absorbed all the culinary secretes he could find, alongside with the cultural differences making them unique.
Alex was part of the research team for Noma 2.0 with their very first menu and continued to explore the Nordics at restaurant Geranium. He moved on to a different continent, joining Central in Lima and Quintonil in Mexico City. His adventures also included stops in Germany and a few countries in Asia.
Once returned home, in Bucharest, Alex developed his own style. He could now look at the traditions of his native land through a deeper, wider filter. Step by step he mentored the beginning of the New Romanian Cuisine movement. His approach had a major local impact. Within the first year, he was awarded “Chef of the Year” in the inaugural Romanian edition of Gault & Millau guide and he led Maize’s team toward “best restaurant in Romania” title.
Spring of 2019 marked a new chapter for Alex. He opened his own restaurant, NOUA. A place where he wants to take everything to the next level, bringing to surface new layers and influences of the New Romanian Cuisine.
11thof July. 4-hands dinner Ana Roš & Alex Petricean in Bucharest
Alex is honoured to host Ana Roš and her team at NOUA, on 11thof July for a special 4-hands dinner celebrating 120 years of S.Pellegrino, a brand with tradition in supporting worldwide gastronomy. The menu will include 8 courses bringing at the same table the traditions of Slovenia and Romania in the vision of the two chefs. Two cuisines very different in form, but united in essence by their mission to celebrate territory and season.

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