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I have fun with the crazy. I think my body really responds well to those kind of wines. They are great for digestion, great for body cleanse, they don’t make me nervous as opposed to conventional wines.


Aged Tolminc cheese in Valter's cellar

Cheese has always been an integral part of the Soča Valley’s diet. But it was Valter who took on aging the local “Tolminc” cheese, made of raw cow milk, which produced some amazing results.

As a son of an innkeeper, Valter always dreamed of having his own wine and cheese cellar. And now, his underground sanctuary is the central part of Hiša Franko.

In the wine cellar, you can find some of the rarest and oldest vintages of Slovenian natural wine, produced long before it became trendy, and in his cheese cellar Valter ages the “Tolminc” cheese for up to five years and ferments the ricotta cheese.

The cheese cellar also features “formaggio di fossa”, a pit cheese Valter is taking to Emilia-Romagna, where he ages it for 4 months in underground pits, then brings it back to Kobarid.

Valter in Goriška Brda Region

When I’m completely down, drained and burnt-out, but I still need to be functional and up-and-running, I open a bottle of Organic Anarchy and it lifts you up all the way to the sky. In that state, if I had a glass of conventional wine, it would only wear me down more.


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