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Ana Roš as a special guest in New York at the ceremony for the 100th anniversary of Phaidon publishing house

September 2023

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At the invitation of the world's most influential publisher, Phaidon, Ana Roš attended the ceremony for their 100th anniversary in New York. The accompanying exhibition entitled "100 years of creativity" presents 100 award-winning covers, successful and limited editions. Among them is Ana's book Sonce in dež, which the publisher published in 2020. The reception was hosted by Christie's Rockefeller Center, and many world-famous names participated, including Linda Evangelista. Ana Roš was invited as one of the successful authors of books published by the publishing house and she also participated in the penal about the  art and importance of bookmaking and her own experience when writing the book Sun and Rain.

In 2020, Ana Roš published the book "Sun and rain" at the Phaidon publishing house. The book quickly won prestigious titles: the book of the week by The Times, Forbes included it in the list of the ten best culinary books, and the Wall Street Journal awarded the book as one of the most beautifully designed books of the month. The book is designed as Ana's personal narrative, and Kaja Sajovic co-created it with research - factual work. Suzan Gabrijan presented the story of the two through photography.

Why the title Sun and rain, Ana Roš explained at the presentation of the Slovenian translation, which was published by the Beletrina publishing house: "I was thinking, what affects our life in the Soča valley more than sun and rain? It means not only what nature gives us, because it needs sun and rain, it redirects itself according to them, but also our emotions, energy and motivation are very much sun and rain."

On this occasion, the Phaidon publishing house also published a special book, which presents the original contributions of 100 living artists, writers, designers, architects, illustrators and chefs previously published by the publishing house. Among others, photographers Annie Leibovitz and Stephen Shore, chefs Ferran Adrià and Ana Roš, artists Lorne Simpson and Yoshitomo Nara, and designers Dieter Rams and Todd Oldham.

Phaidon is a world leading publisher in creative arts, having sold fifty million books in forty languages in more than 100 countries. In cooperation with the world's most influential authors, they publish books on art, photography, design, architecture, fashion, food and travel, as well as illustrated books for children.

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