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Babave - The boldest Slovenian syrup made from 100% natural ingredients.

January 2023

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Amanda and Maja are herbalists and storytellers. They are also the keepers of the herb shop and herb garden. They find inspiration in the stories and narratives of people and the rich natural and cultural heritage of their home environment.

They created the boldest Slovenian syrup from 100% natural ingredients. It is made according to an ancient recipe from the treasure trove of knowledge of our ancestors, who valued it for its medicinal and refreshing properties. The honey gives it depth, lemon balm leaves and lavender flowers from the herb garden give it a velvety feel, and apple cider vinegar gives it a fresh sparkle.

  • 100% natural non-carbonated soft drink
  • from carefully selected Slovenian ingredients
  • no added sugar
  • no added artificial additives
  • gluten free

You can read more about Babave here: https://babave.si/

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