Follow the Soča River and enjoy the culinary experience at Hiša Franko

September 2020

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Follow the river of Soča and begin or finish your wandering at Hiša Franko. Book through our online reservation system now If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us per e-mail at or at the number +386 5 389 41 20.

*Last minute: accommodation (with breakfast included) and table in the restaurant still available on Sunday (20 Sept), Wednesday (23 Sept), Thursday (24 Sept) and/or Friday (25 Sept).*

As we still have not overcome the coronavirus situation, we will take all necessary measures following the NIJZ instructions to secure our guests’, friends’ and staff’s health. We are kindly inviting you to do the same during your stay and/or visit. These measures can be found here:    

Will I be able to visit you although I do not live in Slovenia? The citizens of the countries, who are on Slovenia's "green list" (epidemic safe countries), may enter Slovenia without restrictions: Austria, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Lichtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Rwanda, San Marino, Slovakia, Uruguay, Vatican City and UK. *This list is up-to-date and may change according to the current epidemiological situation.* At the border controls, there will be personnel checking your health condition (e.g. visual observation for signs of the coronavirus infection), a valid document (IDs, passports etc.) and the purpose of your visit. If you are coming from a country on the "red list" and/or you do not have a permanent or temporary residence in Slovenia or in the countries mentioned above, you may be issued a 14 days quarantine upon entering Slovenia. Please check with your country authorities if you need to follow any specific measures when you are returning home.

Welcome (back) in our home, sweet home!

More information on the coronavirus situation in Slovenia (precautional measures and crossing borders):   

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