rain, flowers and the old house

It’s a funny beggining of the summer. One day too hot, another day too cold and a lot of rain. In this time of the year we would normally swim already in Nadiža and take sun in some hidden little beaches in the higher part of the river.
But the rain makes everything so green and flowerfull with the explosion of all possible colours. It is great to cook now, with all wild herbs, sprouts, the first cherries, peaches and last carrots from the high mountains. It’s time for elder tree flowers and it is time to plant the garden. It is enough to observe the nature and follow it.
And it is also great to run now. Not to hot, with occasional showers to refresh.
I recieved an e-mail today from a client who did not feel happy at all in Hiša Franko. I read it a few times, I answered in a very polite and professional way but when I started reflecting I felt a huge sadness rolling over me.
Our garden is not an english garden. It is an expression of the wild, green world around it and it follows the moon and the sun. It is a happy garden.
Our walls are “wise” walls. They are huge and fresh in every moment of the year. They were built in 1860 and they can tell a lot of stories.We never replaced them, even if it would have easier just get rif of them, to get rid of the whole old house and build a new one instead.
Please never and never compare an old countryside house to a modern, plastic deisgn buldings.
But then, she did not like our breakast.
Our breakast is an expression of local, ecological and home-made. This is how we eat and this is how we think.
But she did not enjoy particulaty my food either.
This is where I get really sad:)