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Dear guests!

We are informing you that in our restaurant we are offering two degustation menus.

For reservations for early dinner from wednesday till friday (tables at 17,00; table is yours till 20,00) and for lunch on saturday and sunday we are offering degustation menus with 6 and 8 courses.

For dinner reservations at 19,00 or later, we are offering degusation menus with 6 and 11 courses.

Working hours:

Monday, Tuesday closed,

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday opened for dinner time from 17,00 till 23,00 (last order at 21,00).

Saturday, Sunday opened for lunch from 12,00 till 16,00 (last order at 14,00) and dinner time from 19,00 till 23,00 (last order at 21,00).

Reservations are obligatory.

Reservations are valid only if confirmed from our side.

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