We are never really happy

It is snowing again today and all tv and radio news are full mouth of catastrophes happening because of the snow: traffic jams, bad roads, humidity, snow avalanches, no visibility, no spring, people who disappear…

But since we have some ten centimetres of snow my children like waking up in the morning, they have full speed breakfast, the quickest possible dressing up and washing just to be able to spend at least some minutes on the snow before the school lessons start.

Who is right?

The countryside is gorgeous and romantic and during my morning coffee nobody really seems depressed.

It is true: we need more then three hours to get to Ljubljana but at the same time this empty time brings back old memories when we talked a lot in the car and discussed the future of Hiša Franko.

Yesterday, coming back from the event in Gostilna na Gradu where I cooked with a young Portuguese chef Luca Bordini we had the same feeling again: in 3 hours we discussed all future events, we contacted chefs and wine producers, journalists.

So the story is officially out: every 2-3 weeks we will invite some intelligent chef to interpret the poorest possible ingredient. Chef’s approach and his technique, philosophy should give the basis for a new stream: “the art of the poor food”.

In the name of the crisis…

Starting next week on Wednesday January 23: the team from fantastic La Subida with Ana Ros & Gostilna na gradu will make the official introduction to our new challenge: a series of events with only one topic: is it possible to make people believe we can cook with no budget by making you feel heaven?

It is all about snow….