A great idea for difficult times: “The art of the poor cuisine”

I have hard times when I am supposed to do nothing and be simply “quite”.

27 march seems very far away and the reopening of Hiša Franko just before easter will require a lot of concentration and positive energy. I would like guests to be simply happy.

In the mean time: my restless mind imagined a series of events called “The art of the poor cuisine”.

Place: “Gostilna na Gradu” in Ljubljana castle.

Time: 24 january, 5 february, 18 february, 21st march……

My guests:
january 24: Josko Sirk and Alessandro Gavagna from La Subida
february 5: Dino Galvagno from Prasac-Zagreb, Croatia
february 18: Marko Pavčnik from grad Tabor, Laško
march 21st: Franco Aliberti, “just” ex-pastry chef from Osteria Francescana-Modena.

What is really happening?

The invited chef together with my team tries to make a gastronomic interpretation of the traditions and of the poorest, low cost ingredients. A six course diner is a gastronomic trip trough different economical, cultural and social enviroments.

For the reservations of differnet evenings please contact Gostilna na Gradu:

  • T: 08 205 19 30
  • M: 031 301 777