Decisions, bears, love and advantures

It is one month that we started a new concept in the house-no a’ la carte but just selected menus/discoveries. I am sure the decision was right and in the best possible time: I can watch out for the quality and balance of every single dish and of course the products.
But I still have some doubts when I speak to our regular lunch guests who need and like the freedeom to choose. Since we love what we do, I am sure we will find a compromise which will make everybody happy.
A week ago my father met a bear just a few steps out of Nebesa. It was a fantastic meeting, my father, relaxed and calm observing a young bear playing. I try to follow his philosophy when I do my every day (steep mountain) walks. But since some days I just prefer running down in the valley. It is not the bears that frighten me; this year the whole production of jerusalem artichokes was eaten by wild boars.The winter was far too long:)
Last tuesday’s Art of the poor cuisine in the castle of Ljubljana was about italian chef Cristiano Tomei and myself. It was a dinner full of emotions, good food and love. It is a long time I have seen such a dedicated and creative chef. Thank you, my friend.
Last week I also participated in Zagreb wine and food festival, a beautifull event all about food and wine(of course), my advantures were absolutly not included in the program. I first asked the croatian president’s security to watch out my abbandoned food boxes and a few hours later, in the middle of the night I was trying to explain on the police station far away from home how comes that my travelling documents are supposed to be on the Interpol black list. THe night/morning 4 hour driving was delighted by snails, stones and plenty of roe bucks-all on my way/road home. Home sweet home.